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Sustainable Mobility and Aeronautics

The Barcelona Metropolitan Area constitutes one of the European poles in the automotive industry and concentrates 20% of the industry in Spain. Supporting the development of electric mobility solutions is a key element for the global competitiveness of the Barcelona automotive sector and also contributes to improving environmental sustainability and quality of life in our city.

Live is the platform behind the electric vehicle in the city as an opportunity to situate Barcelona as a pole of innovation in electric mobility worldwide. 

Barcelona constitutes a highly favourable environment for developing the aerospace sector. The universities and the Catalan business fabric are working closely together on different aerospace projects at national and European level.

The aerospace sector has increased its activity considerably in recent years in Catalonia and the outlook is currently very good, both for the participation of our companies in top-level aeronautics programmes and in the field of satellite navigation applications and services.

Barcelona Delta Aerospace and Mobility Park
Catalan Space Studies Institute
Aerospace Technology Centre CTAE

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