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Sector Associations and Official Professional Colleges

Barcelona Aerospace (BAIE): This is an association that promotes activities in the aerospace sector in the Barcelona area and Catalonia.

Barcelona Design Centre (BCD): This foundation promotes design as a strategic element and key factor of innovation in business and as a discipline that improves the quality of life of people.

Barcelona Medical Centre (BCM): This association provides information on the health care services of the city and facilitates access to the Barcelona hospitals, clinics and patient-care units of traditional international prestige by coordinating the supply.

Barcelona Digital Technology Centre (bdigital): This is a foundation that promotes and contributes to growth of the ICT sector and development of the information society in Barcelona and Catalonia

Environmental Forum Foundation: This forum includes companies from the environmental sector in Catalonia.

Foundation for the Development of the Mediterranean Diet: The foundation works to promote healthy Mediterranean eating habits.

Barcelona Technological Innovation (b_TEC): The b_TEC Foundation works for the creation of a core of excellence in the knowledge of the future: energy, water and mobility.

Barcelona Media - Innovation Centre is a technology centre that is dedicated to applied research in the are of communication and the media, and the transfer of knowledge and technology to industry in this sector.

Biocat: BioRegió Catalonia is the organization promoted by the Catalan Government and Barcelona City Council, which coordinates, dynamizes and promotes biotechnology, biomedicine and medical technologies in Catalonia in order to turn it into an economic motor.

College of Notaries Public of Catalonia

Industrial Engineers of Catalonia

College of Economists of Catalonia

Illustrious College of Attorneys of Barcelona

College of Architects of Catalonia

Official College of Physicians of Barcelona

Illustrious Official College of Graduates in Social Studies of Barcelona

College of Journalists of Catalonia

College of Real Estate Agents of Barcelona

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