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Airports / Ports / Logistics

Barcelona Airport - AENA. With the new T1 terminal, Barcelona airport has become a communications hub and a large services area that consolidates Barcelona as a reference airport in the Mediterranean and southern Europe.

Aeroports de Catalunya is a public company of the Catalan Government, attached to the Department of Territorial Policy and Public Works. It manages the airports, aerodromes and heliports of the company or of the Catalan Government.

Barcelona Air Routes Committee – CDRA formed by the Catalan Government, Barcelona City Council, the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and AENA, with the objective of promoting development of new intercontinental routes from Barcelona airport.

Port Authority of Barcelona: Its mission is to lead the development of the Port of Barcelona, generate and manage infrastructure and ensure the reliability of the services. 

Barcelona-Catalonia Logistic Centre (BCL) is a platform promoted by the Catalan Government, Barcelona City Council, the Port Authority of Barcelona and the Zona Franca Consortium, which includes more than 120 members with the objective of consolidating Catalonia as a big logistics platform in southern Europe.

Logistics Centres of Catalonia (CIMALSA) is a public company of the Catalan Government with the mission of promoting centres and infrastructure for mobility and logistics activities.

Zona Franca Consortium of Barcelona (CZF) is the body that develops strategic projects for the city in the area of logistics and real estate and promotes economic activities linked to the new information technologies.

Industrial Pact of the Barcelona Metropolitan Region: This is a territorial association made up of local governments, union organizations, business organizations and a wide range of bodies and organizations linked to economic development and the promotion of employment.

Zona Franca Logistics Park. A company owned by the Zona Franca Consortium of Barcelona and Abertis Logística. It is located in the Zona Franca industrial estate and is the main logistics and business platform in southern Europe and one of the most important projects in the city.

Logistics Activities Zone (ZAL): The ZAL is the logistics platform of the Port of Barcelona. It is a large international hub with excellent intermodal connections and a strategic location.

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