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Barcelona in figures 10 Reasons for investing in Barcelona Strategic sectors

10 Reasons for investing in Barcelona

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Key strategic drivers

In Barcelona sectors linked to new technologies and sustainability, offering considerable business and investment opportunities, are developing rapidly.

The city has been chosen to continue hosting the GSMA Mobile World Congress, which brings together 70,000 professionals every year, and will serve as the Mobile World Capital until 2018. This is stimulating numerous local projects, both public and private, to promote the testing, development and expansion of new mobile technologies, as well as providing an incentive for the creation of businesses linked to these technologies. It is turning Barcelona into a benchmark for these technologies (Mobile World Hub)


Driven by the electric car, environmental industries, clean energies and sustainable mobility, represent another strategic sector for 
Barcelona. Barcelona is one of Europe's big magnets as far as the automotive industry is concerned: almost 30% of the Spanish car industry is concentrated here. The Catalan government and Barcelona City Council are firmly committed to the development of e-mobility solutions and back LIVE, a public-private platform made up of public administrations, research centres and leading companies in the automotive, energy and ICT sectors.

Barcelona also offers many competitive advantages and business opportunities in the logistics and distribution sectors, tourism, commerce, the agri-food industry and all the services for improving the way cities are run and their quality of life: smart cities.

Following are some of the projects being developed in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area:

Barcelona Catalonia: this project, led by and with the support of the country's principal administrations, will help to transform the Barcelona Metropolitan Area by developing 7 million m2 of land suitable for building, for the use of the knowledge economy. In Barcelona Catalonia, all investors and building contractors will find the opportunities they seek: different land uses, healthy returns and competitive prices.

22@: the new district of the city, where the most innovative companies, universities and research centres coexist. This project was set up in 2000 and involves the creation of 4 million m2, most of which is destined for knowledge-intensive production activity. Discover why more than 1500 companies have already set up there.

Barcelona Airport: Barcelona has the best airport in Europe, according to the Airport Council International. With the capacity to receive 55 million passengers per year, Barcelona Airport is growing with a vocation to improve the connectivity of the city with the world's main destination. At just 12 km from the city centre and 3 km from the Port of Barcelona, this first-class infrastructure is key to the city's economic strategy.

BZ Innovació: As one of the most emblematic projects of the Llobregat vertex of the Barcelona Economic Triangle, BZ Innovació offers 1 million m2 for knowledge-intensive activities. In its privileged location (5 minutes from the El Prat airport and due to be connected with the metro lines 9 and 2), BZ Innovació is committed to the food, audiovisual and technological sectors.

Barcelona metro líne 9: Line 9, with a length of 47.8 km, will be the longest underground line in Europe and will connect the municipalities of Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Badalona, Barcelona, l'Hospitalet de Llobregat and El Prat de Llobregat. This new line will have 52 stations and will improve connectivity within the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.

Sagrera high speed: The infrastructure, the central station and the urban development of the neighbourhoods of Sant Andreu and La Sagrera represent the largest project in the city of Barcelona in the coming years. The new station, when finished, will be able to receive 100 million passengers per year. The urban transformation represented by this project is a key asset for the territory as a whole, as it ensures rapid connectivity with Europe and helps to reinforce the position that Barcelona is committed to investment in infrastructure with high added value that will help the city to meet future challenges that the new knowledge economy is throwing up for the 21st century.

Port of Barcelona: The Port of Barcelona is the biggest in the Mediterranean in terms of volume of goods. Furthermore, the Port of Barcelona continues to be the leading European port in cruise traffic and the fourth base port (where cruise routes start or end) in the world.

Other metropolitan projects: The Barcelona Strategic Plan is developing different projects in the Metropolitan Area. Visit the website and see which are the most important projects.

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