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10 Reasons for investing in Barcelona

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Seuccessful foreign investment

Catalonia is the headquarters of more than 5,000 foreign companies, and 90% of them are based in the Barcelona area. Furthermore, more than 50% of all the Japanese, Italian, North American, French, Austrian and Swiss companies that operate in Spain are based in Catalonia.

According to the European Attractiveness Survey produced by Ernst & Young in 2012, the Catalan region is one of the most attractive regions in Europe for investing in: 116 projects, 42% of the Spanish total, were established in Barcelona. 


Most foreign firms in the Barcelona area have been established here for over 10 years, demonstrating a high degree of stability and returon their investment. These firms are glad they came to Barcelona and continue to make significant investments in the city.

Many othem use their Barcelona operations tsupervise  the market in southern  Europe,  while others use  it as a bridge to enter the markets of North Africa and, especially, Latin America.

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