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10 Reasons for investing in Barcelona

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Entrepreneur and business-friendly city

Barcelona has a long-established business and commercial tradition and the people of Barcelona are enterprising, responsible and serious about their work. They are also open to doing business with people in other markets.

The city generates and attracts business people, and it is establishing itself as a European centre for business creation. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, the entrepreneurial activity rate in Catalonia is 7.9% (expressed as a percentage of the working-age population). That is above the European average of 7.6% and the rate of countries such as France, Sweden, Germany and Finland.


Barcelona City Council promotes economic activity by establishing a stable, business-friendly action framework that stimulates economic growth. The local authority is being transformed into a model of transparency and professionalism, with a strict budget policy, a zero deficit and the capacity to invest. The improvement of internal processes is being translated into greater efficiency, simpler administrative procedures and a more rapid response, for example, in granting new business licences and paying suppliers in 30 days.


A Business Advice Office is also being set up to combine information, paperwork and support for local and foreign businesses. Another useful project involves the creation of a tax-free incentive zone in the 22@Barcelona innovation district, for entrepreneurs working in the mobile technology sector. 


All these projects for economic growth in Barcelona are driven by a win-win model based on public-private cooperation.

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