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10 Reasons for investing in Barcelona

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Accessible and well connected

Barcelona is the only city in southern Europe that concentrates, over 5 kilometres, one of the major ports in the Mediterranean, a high-speed train station, an international airport, motorways linked to the European network, the second biggest trade fair site in Europe and one of the biggest logistic zones in southern Europe.

Barcelona Airport has facilities that can take up to 55 million passengers a year. It operates more than 900 flights a day and connects with 190 domestic and international destinations. In 2013, it will start up more routes than any other airport in the world, a fact that demonstrates its vitality and potential.


The Port of Barcelona is the most important in the world for cruise traffic, after the Caribbean ports. In Europe it is the leader in terms of vehicle  traffic and container freight, specialising in handling high added-value goodsGoods coming from ports iAsia save 3 days on their passagif they unload in Barcelonarather  than the ports of north-west Europe.


Following its expansion, the  Port of Barcelona has the Barcelona Europe South Terminal (BEST), one of the most modern and automated container terminals in the world, as well as the biggest logistics transport and services zones in the Iberian Peninsula and southern Europe. It has a rail loading link with the Iberian rail network and the only European-gauge rail loading link in the Iberian Peninsula.

Barcelona Airport

Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona

Barcelona Port

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