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10 Reasons for investing in Barcelona

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Engine of a large and diversified hinterland

Barcelona leads a big economic area with a long industrial tradition and a dense business fabric. The city is geared towards the economy and knowledge-intensive activities, especially advanced services and new economic activities.

Barcelona has a diversified economic structure with an attractive range of companies and suppliers, as well as possible customers and collaborators.


The industrial sector still has a relatively important weight, with competitive, specialised and export-oriented companies, notably in the automotive, consumer electronics, chemical-pharmaceutical and agri-food sectors.


Nevertheless, Barcelona is involved in an orderly transition to the knowledge economy, so it is the knowledge-intensive services that are growing the most and employing highly skilled staff. Business services, cultural industries, audiovisual production, information and communication technologies (ICT), biotechnology, clean industries and sustainable mobility are all expanding in the city.


Other more traditional services such as commerce, logistics, restaurants and food, medical services, design and advertising, among others, are also thriving. 

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