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10 Reasons for investing in Barcelona

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Talent magnet

Barcelona's human capital is well trained. Forty-eight percent of the city's active population work in knowledge-intensive services. It has specialists in a wide variety of fields. The Barcelona area has 8 prestigious public and private universities, offering undergraduate and postgraduate studies in a broad range of fields. Two of these universities are among the 3 best in Spain in terms of quality.

Barcelona also has  some excellent business schools. The ESADE and IESE 

schools are among the best in the world, according to the most prestigious international rankings, and a high percentage of their students are from abroad  

The city has become the favourite destination for  young people from other countries whwant tstudy in Spain  and for foreign  entrepreneurlooking for somewhere to establish and develop their business projectsThe professional and business  opportunities on offer along with the quality  of life, help the city to retain botlocal and foreign talentThese and  other reasons explain why Barcelona has a  large supply of loyal, multilingual workers. 

The competitive cosof  skilled labour in thBarcelona area is a strong  point and attracts added-value businessForeign companies alreadestablished ithe city recognise this as one of thclear advantages it offers, and one that has a very positive effect on their trading accounts. They are very satisfied with the supply of professionals available in the city. 

Following are some example of research facilities in Barcelona: 

The Barcelona Biomedical Research Park
The Barcelona Science Park
The La Salle Innovation Park
The UPC Research and Innovation Park
BDigital Technology Centre
Barcelona Nord Technology Park 
Barcelona Media Park-UPF
La Salle Audiovisual Technologies Centre-URL
UPC Virtual Reality Centre
The Alba Synchrotron
The Mare Nostrum Supercomputer

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