Photo: Sustainable Brands

Photo: Sustainable Brands

Last modified: 10/04/2015

#SB15bcn promotes sustainability in Barcelona

The city hosts Sustainable Brands 2015, which aims to disseminate success stories, tools and learning for integrating sustainability and brands.

Connecting sustainability and business. This is the main objective of the Sustainable Brands 2015 event, which, having been held in various cities such as San Diego, London and Istanbul, now reaches Barcelona between the 26th and the 28th of April

This event, the most important for this sector, is a unique opportunity to network with experts, business innovators, social entrepreneurs and administrations. In addition, it will present success stories, tools and learning on how to integrate sustainability into the DNA of business

During the SB 15, the most innovative international brand leaders will explain and discuss topics such as the circular economy, storydoing or reputational risks  in the value chain. In addition, entrepreneurs attending the event will be able to rethink their business with net positive impact and will receive help to design their company's ultimate goal. 

Companies linked to Barcelona Activa can get a 30% discount on the entry price on the organisation's website

Sustainability within the reach of everyone 

In addition, on Sunday, 26th April, Sustainable Brands has organised a family Sunday event in which children and adults can learn and find out about sustainability through games, a second hand clothes market, a fashion show, a concert and sampling of sustainable, km 0 products. 

Furthermore, Sustainable Brands Barcelona will be introducing Co-creating Cities  , a project to strengthen the links between the event and the city. In this regard, Barcelona City Council has presented a series of specific challenges that experts from the participating companies will seek to resolve. 

Sustainable Brands 2015 

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