Source: Sónar + D

Source: Sónar + D

Last modified: 19/06/2016

Sónar+D Catalonia, at the forefront of 3D sound technology

2016 Sónar+D edition has positioned Catalonia on the cutting-edge of 3D Sound technology.

3D tracks created with Sfëar technology by musicians, sound artists and DJs with were showcased for the first time at Sónar+D. It is a new innovative acoustic system designed to be part of professional musical production studios and to organize live immersive 3D Audio shows, both in open-air venues and concert halls.

International musicians such as Mr. J, Timothy Schemele and MainBerlin have presented their first 3D songs composed with Sfëar at Sónar+D. Sfëar technology makes it possible to create songs and live 3D music sessions, as well as to distribute music and immersive audio contents for mobile devices through headphones. “3D Sound will be the new standard in the audio industry, just like how stereo sound erupted in the 1950s, and the shift from stereo to the 5.1 surround sound system in the 1980s.”, says Adan Garriga, director of Eurecat Audiovisual Technologies.

Eurecat Technological Centre of Catalonia (a TECNIO member) brings together the experience of more than 450 professionals, who generate an annual turnover of 45 million euro and provide services to over 1,000 companies. Applied R+D, technological services, highly specialized training, technological consultancy and professional events are just some of the services Eurecat offers to both large companies, and small and medium-sized companies, in all sectors.

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Eurecat website 



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