Photo: Barcelona Activa

Photo: Barcelona Activa

Last modified: 09/02/2015

Barcelona hosts II Congress of Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

A meeting for professionals that aims to highlight the influence of these two aspects on tourist destinations.

Between 10th and 12th March, the International Convention Centre of Catalonia will hold the CII Congress on Efficiency and Sustainability in the Tourism Sector – Smart Decision, under the slogan 'Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: the basis for building an Intelligent Tourist Destination',  that will bring together more than 600 professionals worldwide. 

This event, which has the support of Barcelona City Council, brings together the major players from the tourism sector to discuss the influence that energy and sustainability have on cities being considered intelligent tourist destinations

Participants at the Congress, for which one can register here, will find the best solutions the market has to offer and will be able find out about various topics such as the importance of intelligent tourist infrastructuressustainable mobilitythe use of technologies in transformation  and the role of government bodies and public-private collaboration. 

The event is divided into several sections. Forums on Smart Destinations and Smart Solutions will be held, and there will also areas for entrepreneurs, networking, exhibitions and the awarding of the eeST 2015 prizes, of wich you can read the entry terms

Barcelona has been chosen to host the Congress for two reasons. On one hand, is one of the most important tourist destinations in Europe, and on the other hand, the multitude of public and private projects with a sustainable character in the city.

II Congress on energy Efficiency and Sustainability – Smart Decision 

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