Photo: Raval Cultura

Photo: Raval Cultura

Last modified: 28/01/2015

Past, present and future of fashion in the Raval

Barcelona Activa, with the collaboration of Raval Cultural and the Ciutat Vella District Council, is organising 080 Barcelona Fashion event.

From February 2-5, there'll be a new edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion event, again placing the city at the centre of the fashion world. 

To promote the past and present of the city's textile and fashion heritage, Barcelona Activa, along with the association Raval Cultural and the Ciutat Vella District Council- is organising 'Route 080 Raval fashion' for the first time this February 2-3-4-5. 

This free guided tour means visitors will see the history of the textile industry in this district of Barcelona, whilst presenting some of the workshops that maintain traditional creative and innovative methods in the textile field, and which offer opportunities for emerging fashion designers. 

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