Photo: Barcelona Activa

Photo: Barcelona Activa

Last modified: 25/03/2015

''Obert al Futur'' (Open to the future) increases the training courses for traders

The program presents, in each of the ten city districts, a total of 38 free training capsules

This March sees a new edition of the programme "Obert al Futur", which is aimed at providing retailers with useful and practical tools  that enable them to deal with the economic crisis and the changes in consumer habits. 

The programme has been expanded to offer, in the 10 city districts, up to 38 programmed capsules, which are grouped into six training areas: "Ha arribat el moment de fer canvis", (The time has come to make changes), "Millorar l'experiència de compra dels clients", (Improving the customer shopping experience), "El teu negoci és una empresa, gestiona-la!", (Your business is a company, manage it!) "Màrqueting digital" (Digital marketing), "Aprèn a utilitzar les eines de màrqueting digital" (Learn how to use digital marketing tools), and "Eines de gestió empresarial" (Business management tools). 

The training sessions are held in municipal facilities and district organisations, they are scheduled to be compatible with work activities, they last 3 hours and are aimed at groups of a maximum of 15 people. Furthermore, this edition is also open to stall holders from the markets in the districts of Sant Martí, Sant Andreu, Nou Barris, Les Corts and Sants-Montjuïc who will receive training tailored to their needs. 

Under the title "Dóna-li una volta al teu negoci", (Turn your business around), this new edition mainly focuses on the need to improve the customer shopping experience, which entails such actions as adapting a window display to suit the season of the year or converting an establishment into a space that can include olfactory experiences. 

The organisers of this programme view this third edition with optimism, as they expect to exceed the figures of 1,000 retailers and 951 shops and stores that took part in the 2014 Edition. 

"Obert al Futur" programme 

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