Source: Harbour.Space

Source: Harbour.Space

Last modified: 11/08/2016

Harbour.Space, a new international space for learning technology

The groundbreaking initiative has had the support of Barcelona City Council to establish in the city and get in touch with the local academic, institutional and business community.

arcelona will have a new space dedicated to technology learning with a deep international nature. Harbour.Space is promoted by several international partners, attracted by Barcelona's innovative, entrepreneur and creative ecosystem.

This global groundbreaking initiative has had the support of Barcelona City Council, through the Direction of City Promotion, during the landing process. It is an strategic bet to strengthen the local ecosystem and foster further collaborations among already existing similar initiatives. 

Barcelona Activa's support

Efforts were made by the Barcelona City Council in order to put the company in touch with the main stakeholders and the local academic, institutional and business community. Furthermore, the project had the support of Barcelona Activa's Business Support Office team, the local space that offers all the necessary resources to companies that need to be more competitive. 

Graduate level education

Harbour.Space will offer innovative university degrees taught in English by industry leaders from around the world, aimed at giving our students meaningful and creatively satisfying top-level professional futures.

Academic degrees will cover Digital Marketing, High-Tech Entrepreneurship, Interaction Design, Cyber Security, Data Science, Computer Science and Math as a second language. 

More info on Harbour.Space website.

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