Source: Ajuntament de Barcelona

Source: Ajuntament de Barcelona

Last modified: 13/06/2017

Agreement between the City council and Fira Barcelona to promote International projects

As a result of the alliance, technological companies from Barcelona and New York will work together in the MediaTIC incubator.

The City council and Fira Barcelona have sealed an alliance to side with their strategy of international promotion and to establish a stable collaboration that allows them to spread their bet for the digital economy, attract technological companies and drive the innovative ecosystem

Fira Barcelona will promote the relationship of Barcelona with the most important cities of the world, specially with New York. In this context, a stable crosslanding will be enabled for technological companies from Barcelona and New York in the new MediaTIC incubator. As a first action, in November and during the previous days to the celebration of the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC), a several companies from New York will visit this equipment of Barcelona Activa and will explore, accompanied by local companies, projects and common interests.

The SCEWC will play an important role for being an event of cities. In the next edition, the international summit of smart cities will gather representatives from more than 700 cities to share experiences, discover the last solutions developed in the urban field and establish strategies to promote the empowering of the citizens and his greater implication in the processes and the municipal design. 

In the frame of the SCEWC, the first Smart Mobility World Congress will take place, a summit on intelligent transport. Barcelona and New York will launch a joint challenge for companies in order to give answers to mobility challenges for people with visual disabilities. The winner of the test will be able to do a pilot of his project in both cities. 
The collaboration with Fira Barcelona will also materialise in other exhibitions as IoT Solutions World Congress or the In3Dustry.

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