Photo: Barcelona Activa

Photo: Barcelona Activa

Last modified: 24/03/2015

Cibernarium technology centre looks to new services

This benchmark centre for training citizens, professionals and companies in new technologies now has 100,000 users, as managers look to open on-line training courses.

Cibernarium , a training centre for technology courses for beginners, advanced levels, professionals, freelancers and companies, now has 100,000 users  after four years at the Barcelona Growth Centre building. 

The new milestone is being marked with a renewed service offer: Barcelona Activa has announced that its courses will be transformed into online formats for an open platform. 

The idea is to make Cibernarium training more accessible so that it continues being a benchmark space for entrepreneurs, companies and individuals who want to improve their professional profiles. 

So that's why the 150 activities currently on offer will be digitized  so that each user can customize their training courses via a Mooc-type e-learning system (Massive Open Online Course). This change will be implemented during 2016 with the idea of making technology education more accessible than Cibernarium's current courses. 

After four years, Cibernarium has reached the 100,000 mark, thanks to 9,000 different users every year each with an average of 3 activities

Cibernarium centre 

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