Fuente: Barcelona Activa

Fuente: Barcelona Activa

Last modified: 18/03/2016

CanÚdrom: a place where talent meets entrepreneurship and funding sources

The former greyhound track, in Sant Andreu district, becomes a multi-space venue devoted to convert cultural, artistic and technologic creative ideas into emerging projects. It already hosts 11 companies and several business incubation programs.

To become a state-of-the-art  hub focused on innovation and creativity and to consolidate it as a meeting point for creators and entrepreneurs. With this purpose in mind, the CanÚdrom wants to become a source of creative artistic and cultural talent, bringing together ideas and knowledge to create a platform ready to assess and market innovative projects.

Barcelona Activa and the Barcelona Culture Institute design side by side occupational training programs and other trainings to supports business creation and projects related to digital literacy. Both institutions want to bring new technologies and science closer to citizens thanks to this venue.

The CanÚdrom wants to become an open space to neighbors and initiatives like Barcelona Laboratori: a culture, knowledge, creativity and innovation platform. It already hosts 11 companies and several business incubation programs

This equipment is aligned with similar European initiatives such as the European Creative Business Network, the Eurocities Creative Industries working group and the European Creative Hubs Forum, with whom institutional contacts have already been made.

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