Source: Barcelona Activa

Source: Barcelona Activa

Last modified: 09/06/2016

BizBarcelona welcomes 13,890 visitors and boosts the Social Economy

The number of attendees, half of which have their own company and look to consolidate their business, grew a 12% compared to 2015 edition. 2016 edition featured for the first time an area dedicated to social economy.

Over two days of intensive activity (June 1-2), BizBarcelona  witnessed the high potential of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and business activity in Barcelona and Catalonia and showcased the tools and support offered by different public and private organizations which promote programs and services in support of both incipient and consolidated businesses all year round. 

Remarkable figures

More than 2,000 contacts between entrepreneurs and representatives of around 30 investors were made in the Financing Market; 620 interviews took place between SMEs interested in exporting and experts in internationalization, 532 personalized advisory sessions on entrepreneurship, SMEs and social economy were held, plus over one thousand Speed Dating contacts, 200 meetings in the Reempresa area and more than 1,500 messages on The Wall. Moreover, this year's edition featured 200 conferences, 366 speakers, 25 networking activities and 85 exhibitors.

Social Economy's success

The inclusion of a dedicated area on the social economy enjoyed great success with visitors. This segment included conferences, networking sessions and specific advisory meetings on this particular topic and was visited by over 1,300 people

Bizbarcelona by Barcelona Activa, organized by Fira de Barcelona, is supported by Barcelona City Council, the Catalan Government, CaixaBank, Barcelona Provincial Council, PIMEC and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. More than 100 other entities that form part of the Bizcommunity also collaborate by providing content and promoting the event.>> bizbarcelona website

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