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Barcelona promotes ideas. Do you start-up?

Barcelona has become home for emerging start-ups

Barcelona has become home for emerging start-ups. It is easy to find in the city dynamic coworking spaces that invite us to develop projects and new business models from very different industries. Over the time, the city has become a melting pot of ideas and initiatives because of its innovative and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Barcelona Activa encourages, supports and promotes the development of start-ups

Barcelona Activa has supported, since its creation, professionals from emerging companies, connecting, in the same área, advice programmes, specialized courses, activities by sectors and business incubation centers. 30 years ago, Barcelona Activa began with only 5 incubated companies. Today, it has already 5 incubation spaces and has helped more than 22,000 companies.

In words of Lorenzo di Pietro, the Executive Director of Entrepreneurship, Enterprise and Innovation at Barcelona Activa, “The success we see now is the result of efforts that started many years ago, when the city's infrastructure was improved significantly (...) This has allowed Barcelona to gain a name on the international stage and open itself up to the rest of the world. The projection of the city's image through events such as the MWC has also been fundamental”.

Impact and progress: city goals versus emerging ideas

In the past 10 years, Barcelona has been rising positions. According to ACCIÓ, Catalonia Trade & Investment—the Catalan government's agency for foreign investment and business competitiveness —the city's startup ecosystem employs around 11,700 people and is ranked fifth in Europe behind London, Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam.

Barcelona still has a long way ahead before turning into the European Silicon Valley, but it has a solid base. Barcelona Activa strategy to attract talent is a good point for those entrepreneurs who see Barcelona as the perfect place for developing their projects. Tools, programs and free activities, everything the public institution offers to everyone interested, becomes very useful to create, build and strengthen a business. A unique setting for a city that wants to build its own corporate identity.

As Lorenzo Di Pietro says: “It can be dangerous for the ecosystem to try and mimic other contexts. Instead, we should let the city grow around its own values and give a voice to entrepreneurs and actors that want the city to become a place where business projects with a social impact can thrive”
A sign of this social commitment, that seeks not only to generate wealth but also divide it equally, are the Social and Solidary Economy programs. From them, enterprises, institutions, cooperative societies and associations are created with an equal economic model. A commitment to achieve a city where business innovation turns into better quality of life for its citizens.

Source: Metropolitan

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