Fuente: Barcelona Activa

Fuente: Barcelona Activa

Last modified: 14/04/2016

Barcelona’s Airport Intercontinental Air Connections, 35% Growth in 5 years

BARDC (Barcelona Air Route Department Committee), in charge of promoting the development of new intercontinental routes from Barcelona’s airport since 2005.

BARDC is formed  by the Catalan Government (Generalitat), Barcelona's City Council, the Spanish Airports Authority (AENA) and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. Created in 2005, the Committee's activity has contributed to this year's 15% international passengers growth thanks to new air routes and frequencies, reaching a total amount of 5,610,472 travelers during 2015.

Cooperation among institutions has had a positive impact in international air traffic to and from Barcelona's airport: 31% growth between 2010 and 2015, North America and Asia being the main markets. In the last years several airlines have chosen Barcelona's airport to operate new air routes.

New routes and cargo airlines in 2016

2016 will bring new air routes, including more direct flights to New York and daily flight to Sao Paulo. Turkish Airlines and Emirates will both start operating new cargo air routes.

Layovers and stopovers, a chance to enjoy the city

BARDC's new website and corporate identity, www.barcelonalinks.org, is aimed to promote Barcelona's airport connectivity features through useful and agile information. Therefore, passengers have access to all available activities inside and outside the airport, both for layovers and stopovers. 

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