Last modified: 21/07/2014

Vanapedal, micro-distribution of goods by electric tricycle

Barcelona City Council has chosen this firm to manage a pilot project aimed reducing travel in conventional vehicles in the Old Town.

Vanapedal, an urban goods distribution company that uses electric tricycles for its transport vehicle, has been chosen by the City Council to manage a 6-month pilot study aimed at reducing the current amount of van and truck transportation in the Old City. 

The company, which has participated in the EcoEmprenedorXXI programme, will manage the daily operations of a micro-platform that has been set up in Passeig Lluís Companys.  Its modus operandi is like a mini loading and unloading dock. Here, trucks and vans carrying goods into the Old Town will be unloaded and from here, electric tricycles will deliver to the neighbourhoods. This solution has been chosen because the electric tricycles can carry up to 180 kilos of cargo, offering accessibility in a more efficient way, which is also time-saving and sustainable. 

The initiative is promoted by the Council's Department of Transport, together with the Old Town District Council, the Department of Commerce and Trade, and the Institute of Urban Landscape, with the support of a European programme called SMILE. The aim is to reach 120 operations a day, with tricycles covering 16.8 km / day to achieve savings of 5.3% on deliveries van and truck. 


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