Photo: Barcelona City Council

Photo: Barcelona City Council

Last modified: 31/05/2012

Turin awards Barcelona for the promotion of City Protocol

Barcelona City Council has received the award for its commitment to becoming a world reference for urban regeneration with the creation of an international protocol to define intelligent cities of the 21st century.

The Italian city of Turin awarded Barcelona for its commitment to being a world benchmark in terms of smart cities with its City Protocol initiative, a system of international certification that will serve to define the standards of how cities should be in the 21st century.

With this recognition, Barcelona becomes the first city to receive the Areté Award for Urban Innovation 2012, an accolade with 10 years' history that is awarded to the most innovative and sustainable initiatives aimed at showing Italian citizens examples from around the world and best practices that will help them to excel in the field of intelligent cities. 

The award has been given within the framework of the Città Visibili Torino, held from 23rd may to 5th June and which aims to become the first European Festival devoted to intelligent cities, promoting discussion, analysis and diffusion of the changes involved.

A system to certify the quality and efficiency of smart cities

The objective of City Protocol, which will measure the quality of world cities based on indicators that evaluate structural, functional, metabolic and social aspects, is to be able to ensure the efficient management of resources and the integration of technological innovations in the city in order to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Leading intelligent and sustainable urban development

Vicent Guallart, the head architect and director of Hàbitat Urbà of Barcelona City Council, has reiterated the city's wish to act as a global capital in the development of smart cities, leading the configuration of intelligent and sustainable urban planning.

Guallart also highlighted the public-private collaboration initiated to promote City Protocol, with agreements with research centres and major companies such as AbertisSchneider TelventCisco and Telefónica and the project to create a Smart City Campus in the 22@ innovation district. Barcelona, a new urban innovation area that brings together companies, institutions, universities and technology centres.

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