Photo: Trip4Real

Photo: Trip4Real

Last modified: 28/11/2013

Trip4Real wins 'Urban Lab Challenge 2013'

The collaborative tourism platform recently closed a funding round worth €150,000.

Trip4real's 'Engaging Cultures Travel' has won the 'Urban Lab Challenge 2013', aimed at businesses and entrepreneurs in the tourism sector.

The winning proposal offers an online platform that operates as a marketplace for travel experiences. It offers travellers from around the world the chance to meet and enjoy collaborative tourism based on activities and unique experiences proposed by local experts.

Since its launch in February, Trip4real has brought together a community of over 5,000 users just in Spain. In addition, the firm recently closed its first funding round worth €150,000, incorporating investors Ferran Adrià and advertising executives Toni Segarra and Luis Cuesta.

The 'Urban Lab Challenge' Award' was announced as part of the latest edition of the Smart City Expo 2013. The other two finalists in the competition were Rudder Technologies and Compartia.


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