Photo: Toro

Photo: Toro

Last modified: 19/09/2012

Toro is to start up a centre for R+D+i for mobile applications in Barcelona

The Taiwanese company, specialised in NFC technology, has already started the process of contracting engineers for the offices of the Mobile World Hub.

The Taiwanese company Toro Development Limited, specialised in the development of digital wallet platforms or mWallet based on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, is to establish its base of European operations and its R+D+i centre for mobile applications in Barcelona.

The company has taken the decision to move to Barcelona due to the attraction of the Mobile World Capital Barcelona.

The Toro offices will be situated in the future building of the Mobile World Hub. The forecast is for them to be operational from January 2013, and they have already started the process of contraction of 10 engineers specialised in NFC, who will undergo a training period in Taiwan.

Barcelona, a mobile technology hub

Last July, the GSMA, the association representing the interests of the main operators and manufacturers of mobile technologies in the world, chose Barcelona as Mobile World Capital for the 2012-2018 period.

The project, managed by a foundation composed of GSMA, Barcelona City Council, Fira Barcelona, the Generalitat de Catalunya (Autonomous Government of Catalonia), and the Ministry of Industry Energy and Tourism, has the aim of converting Barcelona in a hub, where people, companies and institutions from all over the world can work together to take advantage of these innovations as generators for new business opportunities. 

Toro Development Limited

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