Photo: Barcelona City Council

Photo: Barcelona City Council

Last modified: 26/04/2012

The multinational Altran is to base its centre of excellence for electric vehicles in the 22@

The company is to expand the scope of its current facilities in Barcelona to centralise all of its projects from clients worldwide.

Barcelona is to become the operational base for all Altran's work concerning the development of electric vehicles. The company is set to expand the scope of its existing centre in the 22@ district, which had previously been exclusively dedicated to the Spanish market, and turn it into a centre of excellence that will centralise all of the company's projects worldwide.

Altran's current clients include brands such as Nissan-Renault, PSA Peugeot, BMW, SEAT and members of the Volkswagen and Porsche group working on the development of electric mobility.

Alfonso Martínez, the CEO of Altran Spain, stated that "we have built up a range of experience in the automotive sector in Barcelona, and this is why we have decided to establish our worldwide centre of excellence here". This move will also see Altran hire one hundred further staff, mostly engineers, and open a specialised testing centre.

Altran to invest 100 million euros in the Batech project 

This centre of excellence for the development of electric vehicles will join the other three such centres Altran is to open in its 22@ offices as part of the Batech project, which will involve an investment of 100 million euros.

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