Photo: Inbenta

Photo: Inbenta

Last modified: 25/05/2012

The company Inbeta makes a deal with Burger King

The technology company makes a jump to Silicon Valley after taking part in a Technology Mission organised by Barcelona Activa in 2011.

Inbenta is to be the supplier of the on-line customer help service in all the Burger King portals in Latin America. The technology based company, founded in Barcelona in 2006, has announced the agreement with the restaurant chain after installation in Silicon Valley.

Inbenta made the jump to the USA after its founder, Jordi Torras, participated in a Technology Mission organised by Barcelona Activa in 2011. The company, offering software as a service in the area of customer interaction management, received support from the municipal agency in its growth process and internationalisation.

As well as being present in Barcelona and Silicon Valley, the company also now has offices in Bogotá, Vancouver and Madrid.


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