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Last modified: 12/07/2012

The Council extends up to December 1st the deadline for applying for IAE discounts

The discounts can be requested by companies that have increased their workforce during 2011 by at least 10% over the previous year.

With the aim of promoting economic growth and contributing to the generation of employment in the city, Barcelona City Council introduced new measures into the 2012 Tax Regulations (Catalan) for promoting economic activity.

The amendments made, in force since 1st January, 2012, include new features in discounts in municipal taxes linked to business activity, such as the Tax on Economic Activity (IAE) and the tax on Constructions, Installations and Works (ICIO), and the establishment of new conditions to facilitate the postponement and payment in instalments of tax debts.

Measures for promoting employment

Barcelona Council will apply a discount of 20% on the 2012 IAE quota to those companies that, during 2011 and with respect to 2010, have increased their workforce of employees with open-ended contracts by 10% or more on average. The Council has extended until 1st December, 2012, the deadline for submitting applications, which must be addressed to the Institut Municipal d'Hisenda de Barcelona.

In addition, there are new 30% discounts that are being applied to urban actions declared to be of special municipal interest or use that have increased their average workforce of employees by 10% or more between the 2010 and 2011 financial years. 

Subsidies for startups

Another of the new features in the 2012 taxation regulations is the application of a 30% discount in the ICIO tax quota for constructions, installations and works carried out on premises linked to the exercise of an economic activity. 

Ease in paying municipal debts

One other highlight of the 2012 tax regulations, is the fact that the Council will not require guarantees, either from individuals or companies when they apply for postponements or payment in instalments for debt amounts that do not exceed €24,000.The aim of this measure is to provide support and facilities in the payment of municipal debts, whether these are taxes or fines.

New taxation regulations 2012 (Catalan)

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