Photo: Barcelona City Council

Photo: Barcelona City Council

Last modified: 23/02/2012

The City Council improves its invoice management and payment system in order to ensure payment within 30 days

New measures are being implemented to reduce the time spent managing invoices and to speed up the authorisation of payments.

The municipal government has presented a report on improving the council's invoice management and payment system, allowing bills to be paid in a maximum of 30 days, to the Commission for the Economy, Business and Employment. 

This will mean reducing the period laid out by the Late Payment Law, which allows for a maximum of 40 days for 2012, slicing a significant chunk off the payment period in place today, which is 50 days.

The Deputy Mayor for the Economy, Business and Employment, SÚnia Recasens, explained that the main aim of the new system is to bolster suppliers' liquidity. Recasens believes that paying within 30 days "will boost confidence in the market, improving the municipal government's credibility and giving off the image of a speedier and more effective public administration". 

Recasens added that the council is also undertaking a "commitment to transparency, since we will reveal all relevant data on the City Council website and through announcements through the main media outlets". 

Some of the measures envisaged by the municipal government to speed up the receipt, management and authorisation of payments include exclusively processing invoices electronically; increasing the frequency of payment authorisation orders and lengthening the margin required for an invoice to be included within a particular payment order.

Thanks to the implementation of some of these measures so far in 2012, the City Council has already managed to pay 6% of all invoices within 30 days.

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