Photo: Barcelona City Council

Photo: Barcelona City Council

Last modified: 26/03/2012

The City Council improves its invoice management and payment system in order to ensure payment within 30 days

As part of the Barcelona Barcelona Growth initiative, new measures are being implemented to bolster the liquidity of the council's suppliers and speed up invoice management.

Making the municipal administration more efficient and optimising the management of economic resources in order to guarantee solvency and liquidity and promote the creation of companies is one of the objectives of the Barcelona Growth Board, which is working to reflate the economy and confront the current economic recession.

Within this framework, last February saw the municipal government present a report on improving the invoice management and payment system, whereby invoices will be paid within a maximum of 30 days. Through this system, the city council is looking to stay ahead of the 2012 supplement to the Late Payment Law, which allows a maximum of 40 days for payment, and cut a chunk off the period currently in application, which is 50 days.

Some of the measures envisaged by the municipal government to speed up the receipt, management and authorisation of payments include exclusively processing invoices electronically, thereby heightening security and reducing costs; increasing the frequency of payment authorisation orders, which will now be made weekly, and lengthening the margin required for an invoice to be included within a particular payment order. 

These measures aim to optimise the internal cycle and processes involved in the processing of invoices, from the moment they are received until payment is made, thereby bolstering the liquidity of the City Council's suppliers.

Interview with Jordi Joly, Barcelona City Council's CEO of Economy, Business and Employment

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