Source: Sustainable Brands Barcelona

Source: Sustainable Brands Barcelona

Last modified: 13/05/2016

Sustainable Brands Barcelona, from May 22 to May 24

The biggest sustainability and business global initiative holds its second edition of Sustainable Brands Barcelona.

Under the concept “How Now”, global experts will debate during three days on how brands integrate sustainability on their brand communication strategies. More than 40 thought leaders and sustainability practitioners will share solutions and tools to help brands move forward and reach a positive social and environmental impact while integrating sustainability in their brand values.

Plenary conferences will take place at IESE Business School Campus Nord and will be hosted by high profile company leaders, such as Adidas, Philips or IBM. The Netherlands, a global leader on Circular Economy, will be the guest country. This economic model is based on the re-usability of products and raw materials in a sustainable way, in order to minimize their devaluation.

Sustainable Brands was born ten years ago to inspire, involve and provide brands and innovative companies with tools to guarantee their profitability and a better future. Sustainable Brands events take place periodically all over the world and aim to raise awareness on the opportunities that arise from nowadays social and environmental challenges while promoting participation and collective solutions.

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