Photo: Sopra-Group

Photo: Sopra-Group

Last modified: 23/09/2013

Sopra Group to take on 200 for city centre offices

The French company already employs 300 workers in Barcelona and turns over 16 € million a year.

Multinational Sopra Group has announced that it will expand its workforce in Barcelona by hiring 200 engineers up until the end of the year. The new staff are to join the company's 300-strong workforce already based in city centre offices.

The French company specialized in ICT services is to spend 500,000 € remodelling and expanding its existing facilities in the Catalan capital. From here, the company will service customers in other European countries.

Sopra Group closed last year with a turnover of 1,217 € million and a global workforce of 14,000 employees. In Spain, turnover was 80 € million, with 16 million coming from its Barcelona office.

Sopra Group

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