Photo: Slash Mobility

Photo: Slash Mobility

Last modified: 25/02/2014

Slashmobility participating for the third consecutive year at the Mobile World Congress

Created with the support of Barcelona Activa, this company specializes in mobile business and development, unveils Slash Labs innovation project.

Slashmobility, created in 2011 thanks to advisory services and training programmes at Barcelona Activa, is participating for the third consecutive year at the Mobile Word Congress, being held this week in the Catalan capital.

The company, which is dedicated to the development of mobile technology solutions and consulting services for mobile business and professional training, is participating on the Catalonia stand, with its presentation of Slash Labs, a laboratory for the creation and development of applications for companies and new products.

SlashMobility has developed more than 200 applications in less than three years since it was started, and it also acts as an incubator, providing facilities and training and advisory services to companies who want to develop apps. It is currently the home base for DressApp, a company which has developed an application that helps you organize your wardrobe to make the most of space  and which so far has seen 410,000 downloads, and Manduka Games, a strategic commitment to the gaming industry, which has developed an application that simplifies the ability to create games in order to make them accessible to anyone with a gaming idea.


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