Photo: Scytl

Photo: Scytl

Last modified: 23/09/2013

Scytl pushes forward with growth plan

The secure electronic voting technology company has bought out a U.S. company and negotiated the purchase of another in Brazil.

Scytl, the electoral management platform, has bought Maxim Consulting, the North American specialized voter registration company.

The three million euro acquisition is part of a portfolio growth plan set to last through to 2014. In addition to Maxim, this year the company acquired firms eDemocracy and PressVote. It is currently negotiating another purchase in Brazil.

To fund this acquisition plan, which aims to incorporate services to complete its electoral process platform, the Barcelona-based company has opened a credit line worth 20 € million.

Scytl develops technologies for electronic voting and currently works in 18 of the 20 countries worldwide that have used these new services in their electoral processes. Employing more than 300 people, this year the company expects turnover to reach 42 € million.


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