Photo: Schneider

Photo: Schneider

Last modified: 22/06/2012

Schneider Electric to manage its worldwide business from Barcelona

The group, specialising in energy management, centralises its corporate management at offices in the 22@ district and commits to turn Barcelona into a hub for the smart cities sector.

The Schneider Electric Group will manage its world operations from Barcelona, with the exception of the Chinese and the United States markets. This is one of the main decisions of the company's new Executive Vice-President of Operations, Julio Rodriguez, appointed on 1st April this year.

Currently the French multinational, specialising in energy management, employs over 130,000 people in over a hundred countries, with a turnover of €22.4 billion and has invested almost a billion euros in RDI during 2011.

Corporate management is to be centralised in the offices that Schneider has in the 22@ innovation district in Barcelona, where 80 people from 11 different nationalities are employed. The company also has a logistics centre in Sant Boi, and a plant dedicated to the local market in Molins de Rei.

Commitment to the leadership of Barcelona in the smart cities sector

The commitment of Schneider Electric to the city has been made concrete with an investment in 2012 of between 4 and 5 million euros in a project to create a campus for smart cities, promoted by Barcelona City Council, located in the 22@ district, where companies, universities, entrepreneurs and research centres for ICT, the ecology and the urban development will be based, and which is intended to become a world reference point in the field of intelligent cities.

Schneider Electric

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