Photo: Barcelona City Council

Photo: Barcelona City Council

Last modified: 19/10/2012

Presentation of the 30 Barcelona Growth measures implementation schedule

Barcelona City Council is networking with economic players on the development of the initiative. The members of the Barcelona Growth Round Table and the six working groups will shortly be summoned once again.

The second Deputy Mayor of Economics, Enterprise and Employment, SÚnia Recasens, presented the specifics of the first 30 B Barcelona Growth measures, detailing the implementation schedule, budget and indicators. 

The members of the Barcelona Growth Round Table and the six working groups will shortly be summoned to a meeting to inform them of the progress and degree of achievement of these measures.

An initiative to boost the city's economy

The Barcelona Growth initiative was created with the objective of tackling the crisis by responding to the current economic context. Thus, the City Council summoned the main economic agents in the city to work as a network and act as the country's economic engine creating jobs, promoting investment and financing, increasing talent attraction and helping businesses and entrepreneurs.

The 30 measures emerged from the six working groups of the Barcelona Growth Round Table and cover: international promotion, redefinition of the role of administration financing, talent and entrepreneurship, society and Barcelona Connected, in which more than 70 experts from the world of economics, business and knowledge have participated.

According to SÚnia Recasens, "we have the knowledge, talent, infrastructure and prestige to keep us at the forefront of Europe's cities". 

30 measures to boost the economy (Catalan)

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