Last modified: 30/04/2014

Oryzon Roche sells two drugs for 15 € million

The operation is one of the largest agreements ever reached by a Spanish biotechnology company and a multinational pharmaceutical industry in the history of the state.

Oryzon, a biopharmaceutical company based in Barcelona, has sold two groups of patents and molecules designed to treat haematological and oncological diseases to multinational pharmaceutical company Roche for their development and subsequent commercialization. 

The deal was agreed for 15 € million, including extra payments for crucial developments in the clinical or commercial phase, as well as royalty variables that together could reach 400 € million. The agreement also includes an initial programme of research on Oryzon with a Roche R&D centre in New York. 

The company expects the drug could hit the market within 5 or 6 years, once all phases of development and licences have been completed. 


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