Photo: Novartis

Photo: Novartis

Last modified: 22/02/2013

Novartis invests 60 million euros in its Barberā del Vallčs plant

Novartis, the Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company, will start up the production of inhalation capsules to combat respiratory conditions at its Barberā del Vallčs plant.

This year will see completion of the first phase of the project, in which operation at three of the five production lines will start. It is estimated that between six and seven million units will be produced, which will rise to 36 million units when the other lines are finished in 2014. More than 90% of these medicines will be exported to sixty countries.

Last year, Novartis invested 115 million euros in R&D at its five centres in Spain, all of them located in Catalonia.


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