Last modified: 05/05/2014

Norwegian opens base at Barcelona - El Prat Airport

City will become the home base for the company's three flights, and in the future, for its long-haul flights.

Low-cost airline Norwegian Air Shuttle inaugurated a new base at Barcelona Airport last April. The reason for the new home base is the high demand for direct flights to and from Barcelona, says the company, which has grown stronger on the back of new data: between March and October 2014, Norwegian expects to carry 700,000 passengers to/from Barcelona. 40% more than last year, when the company carried 490,000 passengers. 

Norwegian Air Shuttle expects these new facilities will be the home base for three of its aircraft, as well as four new routes starting next spring (to Sandefjord, Torp, Hamburg, Berlin and Warsaw), as well as increasing the frequency of existing routes from Stockholm and Helsinki to London. From 2016, the company also wants to cover long-haul routes. The move could create around a hundred jobs.

Norwegian Air Shuttle

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