Photo: Barcelona Activa

Photo: Barcelona Activa

Last modified: 27/03/2014

New business creation in Barcelona continues to grow for the third consecutive year

According to this report on business activity in the Catalan capital in 2013, new incorporations reached 7,067, which was 5% more than in 2012, reaching the same level as 2008.

Entrepreneurship and business creation are following a positive trend in Barcelona. This is confirmed by a new report on business activity in the Catalan capital in 2013, presented by the City Council based on data from the National Statistics Institute (INE).

Business creation in the city has increased by 5% on 2012, and continues to grow for the third consecutive year. Specifically, 7,067 corporations were created last year, more than 334 companies than the previous year, a figure which is set to equal results recorded in 2008, when the economic situation was more favourable.

Moreover, the report also points out that Barcelona is one of the main urban areas in Spain regarding business creation, with a ratio of 4.4 businesses per thousand inhabitants created. This is a higher figure than that seen in Catalonia (2.34) and Spain (2.00). Notably, the Catalan capital saw the number of company wound-up drop by 1.5%, one of the few areas in Spain to experience this trend.

Business services and commerce, the major economic sectors

Regarding sectors where new companies are being created, we find company services (professional, legal and administrative activities) with 15%, and 14% in commerce and retail, accounting for almost 30% of all new business activity registered in Barcelona. Also, in 2013, there were 2,036 firms engaged in knowledge-intensive activities, representing 28.6 % of the total.

Finally, last year the share capital of new incorporations set up in the city doubled (+117%), reaching more than 774 € million. This is the highest value seen since 2007, explained mainly by an Aigües de Barcelona operation last summer.

Report 'Business activity in Barcelona' (PDF)

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