Photo: Munich

Photo: Munich

Last modified: 29/01/2013

Munich begins its expansion into the United States and Canada

The Barcelona fashion and footwear company will be present in the North American market through e-commerce platforms and multi-brand stores in cities such as New York and Montreal.

Munich, a company specialising in the production of sports shoes, will hit the ground in the United States and Canada with the sale of its products through online platforms such as or Amazon and in multi-brand shops in cities such as New York and Montreal.

This way, the company expands its international presence which it has already consolidated in Europe and throughout Spain. In fact, Munich already has a presence in Italy, Belgium, Holland, France, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Chile, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. In Spain, the brand has over 400 retail outlets and 11 of its own stores in the main cities, in addition to seven shop-in-shops in El Corte Inglés stores in Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza and Palma de Mallorca.

The Barcelona firm is planning to export its products to countries such as Dubai, Mexico, Brazil,  Japan and South Korea.


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