Photo: Mirubee

Photo: Mirubee

Last modified: 29/05/2013

Mirubee gets Enel Lab award

The company, which benefited from Barcelona Activa's support, is amongst seven winners that now join Enel's clean tech laboratory.

Mirubee, a company that developed a social platform allowing domestic and business users to know their electricity consumption and so save energy, was one of seven winners in the Enel Lab competition, with more than 200 selected entries.

As such, it now joins Enel's first clean technology lab and it may be eligible to get up to 650,000 euros to develop its project.

This event, promoted by multinationals Enel and Endesa, aims to identify and reward innovative entrepreneurial projects in the energy sector.

Mirubee, the only Spanish firm in the winning seven, got support and technical advice from experts at Barcelona Activa's Department of Business Financing. The firm also participated in the last edition of the Cleantech Investment Forum.


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