Photo: Mastercard

Photo: Mastercard

Last modified: 25/05/2012

MasterCard sets up office in Barcelona

The leading payment system multinational sees Catalonia as a 'perfect test bed' for the deployment of technological innovations.

Mastercard has chosen Barcelona for its second office in Spain. Its new premises in Beethoven Street make Spain the first European country to be home to two offices of the leading payment system multinational. 

The goal of the American company is to shore up its position in a market it sees as crucial to the rollout and development of technological innovations in the field of payment methods. The president of MasterCard Europe, Javier Pérez, said that his company considers Catalonia to be a "perfect test bed" because 45.6% of all payments in shops are made with debit and/or credit cards. 

Pérez also stressed the importance of setting up office in Barcelona, which has become a key city in the mobile phone sector in the wake of its selection as Mobile World Capital.


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