Photo: IDC - Quirón

Photo: IDC - Quirón

Last modified: 26/06/2014

IDC and Quirón create biggest private hospital group in Spain

Venture capital fund CVC buys 61% of former Capio from Doughty Hanson in merger agreement signed this month. The new company will manage hospital clinics Dexeus, Teknon, Sagrat Cor and Hospital General.

IDC Salud medical health group (until April last year known as Capio), owned by British investment fund CVC, and Grup Hospitalari Quirón are to create the largest private hospital group in Spain and one of the largest in Europe. CVC will be the main shareholder in the new company after acquiring 61% of Grup Quirón this month from British investment fund Doughty Hanson, one of the most important  venture capital funds in Europe. The Cordón family will retain the remaining 39% of shares in a move   valued at  1,500 € million, according to specialised media. 

Joining the two groups will create a health care giant that is present in thirteen regions in Spain, with the largest medical staff in the sector and the top group in terms of patients treated and space dedicated to patient care. It will bring together 40 hospitals (of which six are university facilities), more than thirty health centres, six private homes for the elderly and the only private health research institute accredited by the Instituto de Salud Carlos III. It has more than 6,200 beds, 17,000 employees and more than 8,000 medical associates. In Catalonia it will manage hospital clinics Dexeus, Teknon, Sagrat Cor and Hospital General, among others. 

The new group will keep the Grup Hospitalari Quirón name, and it will be co-chaired by María Cordón, current CEO at the Quirón, Víctor Madera, president of IDCSalud and the Cordón family will remain a shareholder.

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