Photo: Flickr CC by christian.rondeau

Photo: Flickr CC by christian.rondeau

Last modified: 26/11/2012

Fifteen Catalan start-ups set up in Silicon Valley

The main technological pole in the world offers many business opportunities for ICT companies.

In the last few years 15 Catalan ICT companies have established themselves in Silicon Valley. Start-ups in mobility, social media or internet such as TeamboxTechideasLucierna3 ScaleFluendoMultiplicaJustinmindPassword BankInbentaSoftonicReviewProInspiritUserzoomTeaming and Innovalley have taken this step in the last five years driven by the possibility of drawing the attention of investors and new customers alike as well as establishing alliances with prestigious partners.

Those in charge of these companies justify their presence in one of the main technological and business poles in the world with aspects such as flexibility and innovation, the ease in doing business, the importance given to talent and the great opportunities to grow and do business in a highly competitive market.

Also, these Catalan entrepreneurs based in Silicon Valley point out the ease of finding investors in this environment. The key to this is networking, enabling to reach other interested companies and entrepreneurs with ease.

This trend is on the rise, as other Catalan technological projects such as CatchcoomWhisbiIlustrum and Quicker are also preparing to set up in Silicon Valley in the coming months.

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