Photo: Farggi

Photo: Farggi

Last modified: 18/12/2014

Farggi to launch in the US this 2015

28% of the company's ice cream sales are now from international markets.

The Farga Group, owner of ice cream brand Farggi, has officially announced that next year it will begin selling its products in the United States  in co-operation with several supermarket chains under Farggi's Barcelona Flavour name. 

The Catalan company already has 28% of its sales abroad (in 2008 this was only 1%) thanks to its expansion in Europe and Mexico with LidlTesco and Mexico's Altex. 

Farga is the only non-German supplier to Lidl. In addition, Tesco has started to serve Farggi ice cream in South Korea and in 2015 it will also supply to Eastern Europe.

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