Photo: Escapada Rural

Photo: Escapada Rural

Last modified: 29/04/2013

Escapada Rural strengthens its position in Italy and Portugal

The web portal plans expansion into other European countries such as France and Germany.

Escapada Rural has successfully completed its first year in Italy and Portugal with 11,000 and 1,300 properties signed up respectively. 

The web portal, with its headquarters in 22@ Barcelona and which grew from the Seedrocket accelerator of the GlÚries business Incubator, operates as a free shop window for more than 12,000 rural houses throughout Spain, and the business model consists in offering an outstanding promotion to clients who request it. 

Among the future plans for the business, which turned over a million euros in 2012 and anticipates reaching 1.3 million this year, is the expansion into other European markets such as France and Germany.

Escapada Rural

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