Last modified: 29/09/2014

Consultants ILS launch international expansion in North America

Located in Barcelona Activa, this company has a panel of over 14,000 experts who offer their services to the pharmaceutical industry and bio-sector investors.

Headquartered in Barcelona Activa, Insight In Life Sciences (ILS) has recently closed a financing round worth €210,000. Specializing in the health sciences, the consultancy's goal is to open the North American market and expand its international customer base, most notably with Roche, Bayer and Almirall. 

After trading for just a year and a half, the company has 14,000 expert doctors and researchers on their digital panel that help drug companies and investors in the sector to make strategic decisions. Thanks to the signing of institutional agreements with medical guilds and research centres, the company expects to expand its panel of experts in the coming months. 

Insight In Life Sciences

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