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Last modified: 22/03/2012

Competitions encouraging the development of mobile applications and innovative solutions to improve Barcelona

Apps4bcn and the Open Cities App Challenge promote the creation of urban mobile applications, while Urban Lab sees the city become an energy saving lab.

The latest edition of the Mobile World Congress, held this past February in Barcelona, underlined the importance of mobile applications as an area with high growth potential and that can deliver innovative solutions to improve services in cities and for citizens.

To promote the creation of this type of applications, two international competitions are being held in Barcelona: Apps4bcn, run by Barcelona City Council, and the Open Cities App Challenge, organised by the European Open Cities initiative. 

This coming 12 April, at 4:30 p.m., Barcelona Activas Sala Emprèn will stage the presentation of both events (click here for information about attending the event). The ceremony will also include a discussion of the latest trends and interesting areas of work being opened up for the creation of innovative applications.

Barcelona is looking for the best mobile applications

The aim of Apps4bcn, which is aimed at entrepreneurs, companies and developers from all over the world, is to promote mobile applications that improve the services provided to the citys residents, companies, entrepreneurs and public authorities. The apps, which must have been developed in the last 12 months, will be judged on the criteria of functionality, originality, user experience and the use of Open Data. Entries can be submitted until 17 May.

Promoting Open Data for urban apps

The European Open Cities App Challenge competition has similar goals, although it specifically sets out to promote the use of Open Data (data from the Fraunhofer and UPF platforms may be used) and is targeting generic applications that can be used in any European city.  Registration for the challenge closes on 30 June.

Provided they fulfil the conditions set out in the respective competition rules, the apps submitted for the Apps4bcn competition can also be entered into the Open Cities App Challenge, with no need to fill out another application form.

Barcelona: an urban lab

Coinciding with the app competition, Open Cities has also launched a new edition of the Urban Lab Challenge programme, aimed at companies interested in using public spaces in Barcelona to test out their innovative products or services to do with reducing the energy demand of municipal buildings.


Open Cities App Challenge

Urban Lab Challenge

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