Photo: Barceloan City Council

Photo: Barceloan City Council

Last modified: 29/05/2013

Cisco to set up Innovation Center in 22@

The center will be located in a one-time industrial building called Ca Alier, says the multinational. The whole investment will run to 5 million Euros.

Cisco will set up its Innovation Center in Barcelona. This was the news confirmed earlier this month by the multinational's executive vice president Win Elfring during a visit from a Barcelona international trade delegation headed by city Mayor Xavier Trias to Cisco's Silicon Valley facilities.

The news about Cisco's decision to set up its 22@ Innovation District in Ca Alier was revealed during a meeting between company and council representatives, strengthening a working relationship that began two years ago.

The operation, valued at between 4 and 5 million Euros, will consolidate Barcelona's strategic commitment to smart cities and its strong urban economy, whilst at the same time bringing about the refurbishment of a building that was once part of the city's industrial heritage.


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